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Outlaw Production Shutdown: Episodes Left

When NBC shutdown production on Outlaw there was about 8 episodes left. Since NBC is waiting to see if the ratings improve, we have about 4 episodes (after tonight’s episode airs) before the peacock network makes a final decision. So that’s about a month before we know the fate of the show.

Spread the word, we’ve got four strikes before we’re out. Let’s swing for the fences.


One response

  1. sarah barnes

    email angela.bromstad@nbcuni.com to KEEP OUTLAW ON

    and, if you can, stop by the studio gate at sunset and gower and give a note to the guard KEEP OUTLAW or LOVE JIMMY, KEEP OUTLAW

    do your part to keep the unemployment numbers down!:)

    October 9, 2010 at 8:37 am

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