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Jimmy Smits On The Tonight Show

Its from a couple of weeks ago, but just in case you missed it:

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Results: You Choose Smits As Your Lawyer

In the pick your lawyer poll, you had a choice between Jim Belushi and Jimmy Smits. With over 90% of the vote, Jimmy Smits is your man. Sorry, Belushi 🙂

Outlaw Episode 4 – In Re:Curtis Farwell – Promo

Garza takes on a carmaker that may be hiding a deadly secret. Larry King guest stars:

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Watch In Re: Jessica Davis!

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Jimmy Smits on Good Day La

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Jesse Bradford Mr. Media Interview

Mr. Media conducted an interview with Jesse Bradford who plays Eddie Franks on Outlaw. You can fast forward to the 3 minute mark to get straight to the interview 🙂



Al Druzinsky Interview: Justice Isn’t Red or Blue

TVGuide.com: How is Al able to work with Garza when they have opposing views?

David Ramsey: I like to think of him as Garza’s liberal voice of reason and, yes, they are best friends and they’re on either sides of the fence. But I think what the writers are trying to do is try to find a way where we can get to what’s just. Ultimately that’s not red or blue, but someplace in the middle. So how does Al wrap himself around that? By knowing that ultimately his best friend wants justice. He believes in his friend’s vision, the epiphany he had, the ideas that the justice system in its current state doesn’t always work for the little guy. We deal with politics, but you’re dealing with politics in two characters that are not politicians. They want to do what’s right for the client.

TVGuide.com: Last week dealt with immigration law and you have an episode about gay rights coming up. Is it always about hot-button topics?

Ramsey: I think it was deliberate that the writers continue to do these issues because these are the things on people’s minds. Particularly when you talk about sexual orientation, race relations, a lot of these things were being talked about in television 20 years ago. Norman Lear was talking about some of this stuff in Maude and All in the Family. Unfortunately, you can’t even talk about it now because you’re labeled as a bigot; you’re labeled as politically incorrect. Hopefully around the water cooler on Monday, people will be talking about the episodes that happened on Friday night. They’ll have an intelligent conversation and they might argue like me and Cyrus, but ultimately they’ll say, “OK, I understand you a little better.” That’s the point.

TVGuide.com: What’s the message within the case this week?

Ramsey: The problem with the case is a tremendous rush to judgment. The episode is about a mother who’s on trial for the death of her child. She doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional grieving mother and because she doesn’t and because she has stoic reactions she therefore must be guilty. It’s about how we spin things from sound bites, a flash of a camera or an interview. You’ll be pretty surprised with the outcome.

TVGuide.com: Will we learn more about Cyrus and Al’s friendship history?

Ramsey: You are going to find out more about their childhood relationship, how they grew up, and how his father was a father figure to me as well. He was liberal and I ultimately became a liberal and we were both greatly influenced by his father. You’re going to get into a lot of how they came to be.

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Who Is On The Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court is not supposed to have any political affiliations, and it doesn’t (hopefully), but I just wanted to check who nominated who to our country’s highest court:

Justice Kagan
Nominated by President Obama in 2010
Justice Sotomayor
Nominated by President Obama in 2009
Justice Alito
Nominated by President W. Bush in 2006
Chief Justice Roberts
Nominated by President W. Bush in 2005
Justice Breyer
Nominated by President Clinton in 1994
Justice Ginsburg
Nominated by President Clinton in 1993
Justice Thomas
Nominated by President Bush in 1991
Justice Kennedy
Nominated by President Reagan in 1988
Justice Scalia
Nominated by President Reagan in 1986

Outlaw Episode 3: In Re: Jessica Davis

Garza goes the distance for an unsympathetic defendant with an unbelievable defense.

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