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Outlaw Production Shutdown: Episodes Left

When NBC shutdown production on Outlaw there was about 8 episodes left. Since NBC is waiting to see if the ratings improve, we have about 4 episodes (after tonight’s episode airs) before the peacock network makes a final decision. So that’s about a month before we know the fate of the show.

Spread the word, we’ve got four strikes before we’re out. Let’s swing for the fences.


No David Ramsey Interview

I was planning on posting an interview David Ramsey did today with a radio show, but I can’t find it anywhere. So I think NBC probably cancelled the interview. The production halt might have something to do with that. I get the feeling we’re not going to get any interviews from the cast for a while. 😦

I’ll keep looking and if you guys find anything, please post in the comments here or on the facebook page.

The word is that NBC is waiting for the raitings to improve before they start up production again. Outlaw is down but not out!!! Spread the word and keep the faith.

Outlaw airs tonight on NBC at 10/9c

Good News-Bad News: Outlaw Production

The Bad News:
Unfortunately, NBC has halted production on Outlaw. They’ve stopped the filming of any new episodes.

The Good News:
Outlaw is NOT cancelled. The show is still going to be on the air, so every Friday night we’re still going to see Jimmy Smits.

The question is what happens now? The one thing Outlaw has in its favor is that some other shows on NBC aren’t doing so hot in the ratings. The Apprentice (Thursdays) and Undercovers (Wednesdays) are really having a tough time. Undercovers costs way more to produce than Outlaw and Apprentice has a prime spot on Thursdays.

All I can say for now is lets enjoy our Fridays with the show and hope for some good news very soon.

Episode 2 Pictures

Soft Ratings For Episode 2

NBC rolled the dice with an early premiere for Outlaw and won with 10 million viewers. But last week, (without the help of America’s Got Talent as a lead-in), the numbers got chopped in half. A 50% drop-off isn’t a good sign.

But its a show on Friday night, so the numbers aren’t expected to be huge; I hope Outlaw has some fight left and NBC is in the  mood to gamble. If the numbers fall below 5 million, its a safe bet Outlaw might get cancelled.